Midsummer a Swedish tradition

Many European countries have an annual tradition of celebrating the summer solstice, but in Sweden Midsummer is different; we will tell you why.

Midsummer is, secondary to Christmas, for many Swedes the moste importent family holiday of the year. It’s that important that the Swedish Parliament in 1952, decided that Midsummer should always be celebrated on weekend. Midsummer is a public holiday in Sweden, if you planning to visit Sweden during Midsummer it might be good knowing that stores and other facilities are partly closed. Swedish version of Midsummer is certainly worth an experience, and there is an traditional celebrations in every Swedish city.

Today, in Sweden, Midsummer’s Eve is always on Friday between 19th and 25th of June, and Midsummer’s Day on the following Saturday. The day for celebration are on Midsummer’s Eve and most Swedes have the day off from work or works half day.

Swedish girls with traditional flower wreaths.
Swedish girls with traditional flower wreaths. Photo by Karl JK Hedin